What Do You Believe?

Print out and Circle all that apply

1. If you really believe that ALL your sins have been forgiven, do you:

a. Still worry that you might sin in the future?
b. Not worry about sinning at all, but make real effort at not doing so?
c. Continue sinning because you know you are already forgiven?
d. Just not think about the subject anymore?

2. If you believe that the Christian Bible is God’s Word, do you:

a. Believe everything it says without question, and obey it.
b. Challenge the teachings and test them before applying them in your life?
c. Obey what you understand and ignore the rest?
d. Read it everyday?

3. If faith is, “the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see,” (Hebrews 11:1 – NLT), then, do your actions and behavior prove:

a. That you believe that you will really go to heaven?
b. That you hope God grades on-the-curve, and that He will let you in to heaven even if you are not perfect?
c. That you think you may not make it, but that you hope you’ll somehow sneak in?
d. That you are not sure there is even a real heaven at all?

4. The Bible teaches that God will do certain things if we do certain other things, do you believe that this means:

a. That you need to find out what the rules are so that you can get God to do some of the things you want?
b. That you need to find out what the rules are so that you can do only what God wants, and not what you want?
c. That you will never be able to get what you want, because you do not know the rules and don’t know where to find them?
d. That you are in trouble, because you didn’t even know there were rules?

5. The Bible teaches that God loves all people, does this mean:

a. That He loves everyone unconditionally, meaning that He does not have some personal motive in mind?
b. That He loves everyone unconditionally, meaning that they can commit any sin they want to and that He will not reject them?
c. That He accepts all persons, without placing a condition on them?
d. That He never punishes or disciplines to those He loves?
e. That He does punish and discipline those He loves, and that there is a condition for his acceptance of them?
f. That He loves people because He is love?

6. If you believe that you are a Christian, then do your actions and behavior show:

a. That you act and behave as Jesus would in all situations?
b. That though you believe that Jesus existed in the past, but that things are different today and new rules apply?
c. That you believe that Jesus doesn’t expect you to be perfect, so you just don’t worry about all that stuff?
d. That you apply in your life all the teachings as you learn and understand them?

7. Which of the following best reflects what you believe concerning what faith really is:

a. If you really believe in something, then you have faith.
b. You don’t have to do something, you just have to believe to have faith.
c. If you have faith in something, then your actions and choices in life will show it.
d. Everybody can show faith in different ways, and it is still faith.

8. If you really trust God, then you:

a. Live a perfect life before all men?
b. Worry about everything, until God fixes things?
c. Never worry about anything, no matter how bad it is?
d. Just believe that God will take care of everything?
e. Put a smile on your face before others even in bad times?

9. The promises in the Bible are:

a. Meant for everyone alike?
b. Only for those to whom they were given at the time?
c. Only to those who meet the conditions for the promises?
d. For different people, depending on who they are?

10. Jesus expects all Christians to:

a. Try hard to do the right things, even though He knows they just can’t really do it all the time?
b. To obey His instructions, even if you don’t fully understand them?
c. To obey what they understand, and just ignore the rest for now?
d. Be perfect and always obey, not matter what?

11. You know you’re a Christian if (circle all that apply to you):

a. You just plain believe in God.
b. You just plain believe in Jesus.
c. You go to church as often as you are able.
d. You go to church every time the doors are open.
e. If you just believe that you are.
f. If you have faith that you are.
g. You read the Bible as often as you are able.
h. You pray as often as you are able.
i. Other people can see it in you.

12. People complain that the Bible is hard to understand; what do you believe:

a. That the Bible is clear and plain to understand for everyone?
b. That many parts are harder to understand and require much research?
c. That the Holy Spirit helps some people understand it, while letting others stay confused?
d. That those who are “saved” will have no trouble understanding, but others never will get it?
e. That pastors, preachers, teachers of the Bible, and other people “of God,” have a special gift for understanding the Bible better than other Christians?

13. The Bible teaches that God can heal people; do you believe that:

a. God heals all people who get sick?
b. God heals those who ask for it?
c. God heals those He likes?
d. God heals those who meet the conditions for the healing?
e. God heals only those who are obedient?
f. God heals those who will believe in the healing?
g. God does not heal people today like He used to do in Bible days?

14. The Bible teaches that God helps people; do you believe that:

a. God helps those who help themselves?
b. God helps those who can’t help themselves?
c. God helps those who at least try to help themselves?
d. God helps those who won’t help themselves?
e. You really don’t know who God helps, if He does at all?
f. God helps those He wants whenever He chooses?
g. God helps those who submit to Him?

15. Interpreting the Bible correctly has always been a very big concern; do you believe that:

a. The Bible can mean different things to different people?
b. Only those who have been blessed by the Holy Spirit can interpret the Bible correctly?
c. There are certain rules one has to follow to correctly interpret the Bible?
d. Even if there are two different interpretations of the same passage, they can both be right?
e. Nobody really knows how to interpret the Bible correctly?

16. The statement that tells us to “have faith in God” means that:

a. We must believe in God?
b. We should understand that He is God?
c. We are to have faith in God?
d. We should live without sin in our lives?
e. We should trust God?

17. When the Bible says that we must love one another, it means:

a. That we should treat everyone nice, no matter what?
b. That we should treat those we love better than others?
c. That we should love other Christians more than non-Christians?
d. That we should never get angry at other people, no matter what they have done?
e. That we should let others hurt us, without defending ourselves (“turn the other cheek”)?

18. Giving is better than receiving, says the Bible, does that mean:

a. That we should never want to receive anything?
b. That we should give away everything we have?
c. That it is okay to want things, if we also give away things?
d. That we should only want to give and never to receive?

19. The Bible teaches that God forgives sin, what do you believe:

a. That you have to earn His forgiveness?
b. That He forgives only those that He loves?
c. That once He forgives your sins, He can never remember them again?
d. That God may forgive you, but that you also have to forgive yourself?
e. That once He has forgiven you, all your sins are forgiven; past one’s, today’s, and future ones?

20. If you really believe in God then you:

a. Live a perfect life before all men.
b. Obey all His commands and instructions at all times.
c. Never do wrong and always do what is right.
d. Keep on sinning and hope He doesn’t notice.
e. Continue to sin while trying not to sin.
f. Trust that He will get it right, and quit worrying about it.
g. Pray, read the Bible, and go to church.

21. If you believe that everything in the Bible is true? Then do you believe that:

a. A donkey talked to a man and saved his life?
b. Dead people got out of their graves and preached?
c. One man killed thousands of enemies with a bone from a donkeys head?
d. Trees walked under their own power?
e. A dead man came back to life?
f. Someone else besides Jesus walked on water.
g. A man could see through walls.

22. When Jesus died on the cross, He accomplished what?

a. The forgiveness of all your sins?
b. He made you holy?
c. He sanctified you?
d. He made you the righteousness of God?
e. You were transformed?
f. You are a super-Christian now?
g. You will never sin again?
h. You are free to live any way you want?

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