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2014 Cartoonized Version for books - lookrightI am the pastor and Lead Counselor of New Life Christian Counseling Ministry. I have counseled for over 27 years. This means I have counseled hundreds of people for thousands of hours. I started out a bit scared and nervous of how I would do. I made some mistakes along the way, but, with God’s help, I have improved my skills set greatly. I use Belief Therapy as the type of counseling I do. The primary principle is, “People do what they do, because they believe what they believe.” I believe that Dr. Paul Carlin, who founded this type of therapy, was right on the mark.

Besides using Belief Therapy, which requires challenging the lies people believe by introducing the truth into how they may resolve their life problems, I am also a “confrontational” counselor. By this I mean that I have no problem confronting the client directly on the issues which are tearing their lives apart. This style has produced great success in my counseling ministry, resulting in a large number of my clients making the correct and necessary changes in their life patterns to resolve, heal, restore, and find working answers to their problems and questions. Belief Therapy demands the use of the Scriptures, through the teaching of principles, which when applied correctly, will produce true and lasting change in the person. If the person will change the way they think, they will change how they respond to the problems life throws at them.

With this blog, I will share much of my insight, as to how to counsel the client. How to identify the roots of their problems. How to better understand the real issues, as compared to the symptoms of the problem, and a whole lot more. Please feel free to use any and all of what  you find here in your ministry as a Christian Counselor.

May God’s mercy never be far from you.

If you would be interested in more information regarding me, please read my autobiography, which may be found on my Amazon Page.

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  1. Bob Devine

    Dear Rev. Perez, I was recalling many years ago when I first met you in the old Dallas Public Library. You were an access user and I was charged with starting up the Dallas Public Access system. Our first temporary studio was in the old Dallas library, and you and Lydia were returning some equipment and wanted me to know that you were frustrated and angry because it didn’t work properly. You said you ought to smash the equipment. I reached over to a shelf nearby, and grabbed a hammer and handed it to you. That amazing smirk came over your face, we both laughed, and later I hired you to be an access trainer. I have some fond memories of Dallas, and many of hem involve you. I sincerely hope you are well and happy and still possessed of that amazing capacity for humor.

    1. pastor.juan.perez@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Bob,

      Yes, I remember you as well, and as fondly too. My time in the Public Access program was a training time in more ways than one. I am thankful for you choosing to employ me to do something I would have done for free. Best of two worlds, right?

      I am doing better than I deserve, and am immensely thankful for that. I am quite busy with the ministry, but I take time to “slow down” and “smell the roses.” My health is fine for a 65 year old man, but my internal drive is that of a thirty year old. I am slightly (smirk) overweight, but stay quite busy about the “work” of the Lord. Lydia is fine as well, in fact healthier than I.

      I hope you are doing well, and that your health is good as well. It would be interesting to know what all has happened in your life since that time back then.

      Well, may you be blessed in all that you do, and mercy for you and yours.

    2. mikayla Keener

      Hey bob its me mikayla Keener I was hoping we could talk if you could give me a call I went through some pretty messed up things since you moved my phone number is 5094835535 and I can’t seem to bring myself to talk tonanyother therapist you meant the world to me you were like a father to me that I wish…. since you left things got a little hectic…p lzz give me a cal


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