God’s Power Is In His Word.

There is a movement today seeking for the manifestations of God. Speaking in tongues, being “slain in the Spirit,” prophecy (foretelling), “name it and claim it,” and other popular and similar things, draw in large crowds of people to popular churches. Why is this happening? Because people want to experience a “move of God,” His power. The problem is that the search for the power of God is focused in His blessings and personal benefits. Unless those people are being “blessed” (meaning that they get something positive, especially financially), they will not recognize a real “move” (or demonstration of God’s power), even if it happens directly to them.

To recognize and understand God’s power, and to see a real demonstration of His ability to do what He says He will do, one needs only to look to His Word. In the Bible one will find many principles. These principles (or “keys”) are God’s way of allowing humans to use His Word to accomplish His work on this planet.

Let’s understand some truths which are not popular:

God is not primarily concerned with your health.
God is not primarily concerned with your marriage.
God is not primarily concerned with whether your children are on drugs.
God is not primarily concerned with whether you have a job.
God is not primarily concerned with how much property you have.
God is not primarily concerned with your loved-one’s death.
God is not primarily concerned with the state of affairs of the world.
God is not primarily concerned with many more of these things.

 The primary concern of God is salvation. The whole purpose for the creation is about Yeshua, the Christ, Jesus, our Messiah, coming into this existence to save souls. If the purpose you have in mind is to bring the “good Word” to people, you have the right motive for using these principles, these “keys” of His power. Probably the biggest factor which interferes with how people attempt to use the teachings of the Scriptures is that their motive and intention is mostly selfish in nature.

The Scriptures are full of examples of God’s desire to minister to people in need. Not just to meet the needs of those who believe they are in need, but to use you and me to meet needs in others. God wants to show His power. He wants to demonstrate it in a real and provable manner. He does not want us to have touchy-feely beliefs in Him that produce only emotional agreements with what the Bible says, but instead to be bold enough to put His Word to the test and see that it really works.

Christian counselors are among those people who are challenged to put the Word of God to the test. We can counsel form the psychological perspective alone, and offer the client a better understanding of their particular problems. Or, we can teach them the “keys” to opening up the power of God in their lives, and show them how to produce a real and lasting change. This last part may only happen when people start obeying the Scriptures and “testing” God’s Word for themselves.

What is it that God wants from you as a counselor? When He sends you a person to counsel, he has something in mind to accomplish in their lives. How will you know if someone was sent by God? Well, if they have some problem which you can help resolve, it was probably God who sent them. Why do I believe this to be true? Because as you continue your training and develop your skills as a counselor, you will become an “expert” in those particular areas. You will accomplish this by training, reading, attending seminars and workshops, and studying your Bible even more.

As you develop your counseling shills and strengthen you perceptive abilities, God will start sending you people whose needs fall within your abilities to help. You will recognize this as you continue counseling. You will find, as you teach these people the principles found in the Scriptures, and see them apply these “keys” to real situations in their lives, that God’s Word actually works the way it is intended. These real life successes, and proofs of God’s Word in action, will strengthen your resolve, and encourage you to trust the Word even more.


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