Counselor Guide on: Communication Issues

What are the Different Types of Communication Issues?

  1. Unclear expectations.
  2. Unfair expectations.
  3. Immaturity on either or both parts.
  4. Issues of trust, security, and/or dependability.

What are the Correct Responses?

  1. For numbers 1 and 2 – the clients should be taken through the process of creating and establishing marital and home agreements, using the Rev. Juan M. Pérez’s “Rules for the Marriage Manual,” which may be found on the counselor’s DropBox site on the internet.
  2. For 3, the counselor should work toward identifying possible immaturity issues in one or both of the persons involved. In the case where it is found, the counselor should counsel the person on a one-to-one basis. The goal is to help the person recognize their failure to respond maturely in specific situations, especially when they regard their spouse, marriage, and children, when there are children. After the personal counseling, the counselor should recommend the client work with their spouse at creating their own marriage and home agreements.
  3. For 4, the counselor should investigate, searching for possible adultery, infidelity, abuse, or other actions, decisions, or behavior which has damaged the relationship in the past.
  4. If something is identified, the counselor should either counsel the pair together, or separately, depending on the issue, and whether the person involved prefers separate counseling.
  5. The goal should be to resolve the area of problem, and to help strengthen the couple’s more positive aspects.


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