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Teen Dating Violence – Assistance

Marisol LucioMarisol Lucio, FBCC (Faith Based Christian Counselor), was tasked with putting together a short list of websites which offer assistance to teens, especially girls, in relation to dating violence. Below you will find this short list. We welcome any additional sources you may suggest.

Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support
Call: 214-946-4357 (24hr hotline)
Dallas, TX

Texas Advocacy Project – Teen Justice Initiative
Call: 1-800-374-4673 (free legal advice)


Love Is Respect
Text: loveis To: 22522
Call: 1-866-331-9474 (24hr hotline)
Website: (includes chat link)

Break the Cycle
Call:  202.824.0707 (free legal services)

The National Center for Victims of Crime
Call: 1-800-394-2255 (24 hr hotline)

The above resources are some of the ones where teens can call and get immediate assistance. Some of the others I found, which I did not list, were programs (curriculums) that were created to be taught in schools or churches in front of youth groups in effort to prevent teen dating violence or how to begin a process of recovery after being in an abusive relationship. These programs like, Just Say Yes, Inspire School Programs, Unbreakme Assemblies and Ortralla Foundation give a general explanation of what will be done in the classrooms, but no specifics.

The above resources are some where teens can call, text, chat, or e-mail and get immediate response to any and/or all the questions they may have regarding teen dating violence. Some of the websites include questioners to figure out if the teen may be in an abusive relationship, others have a list a of tips that show what to do when in an abusive relationship, how to avoid the abuser and who to contact regarding the abuse.