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We Are Not “Field Negros”

We Are Not Field Negros - Cover - for PRINTMalcom X implied that American blacks are either “field” or “house Negros.” I disagree. Blacks in the USA are not slaves, therefore they are neither “field” or “house Negros.” This book explores a real danger to the black community, in the form of a Leftist agenda that does not have the best interest of blacks, or the USA, in mind.
Join me as I describe a real effort by the Left in America to use the black community for their nefarious purpose of reshaping the United States into their own image. Read as I show how some people, such as Al Sharpton, manipulate and take personal advantage of real issues which affect the black community. Let me explain my perspective on how some people are using race issues in an attempt to hijack the “black movement” in the US, with the purpose of “dividing and conquering” America.

Bible Stories Told My Way

Bible stories are always short and to the point. Maybe the writers didn’t have more imagination, or God just wanted to get His point across and that’s it. Either way, we are left wondering about many things that aren’t answered. Bible Stories Told My Way goes a step further in telling some of these stories without losing the principle or teaching that our Lord intended. The stories in this book come alive with the thoughts, feelings, and additional dialogue that very likely were a part of what really happened. You will hear their fears, feel their victories, laugh at their comments, and cry with them as they experience God from a human point of view. Bible Stories Told My Way is author Rev. Juan M. Perez’s attempt at understanding the humanness of the people whose lives were touched by God in such powerful life-changing ways. Click here for a preview chapter.

What Does God Want From Me?

CoverAll believers of GOD, from every religion and faith have this one question. Many persons come to understand their walk with God, while many others do not. I have an answer for those Christians who ask the same question. I believe that the Bible is clear in what God expects of all His children.

I hope this small book helps you find that answer for your life.


The Process of Healing

English CoverThe one area that a person who has suffered, or has been hurt at the hands of others, can struggle with for the rest of their lives is healing, or rather, the lack of it. Many have tried faith healing, psychics, witch doctors, and other useless methods, only to fall victim to charlatans who prey on the hurt and wounded. This book offers a real solution.

No one needs to continue suffering from the emotionally traumatic memories of the abuses and hurts of the past. Learn how to put Romans 12:2 into action, and benefit from the successful results which will teach you how to be transformed into the new and healed person, living a healthy and fearless life. God’s transforming power will become real to you, and you will forever be happy to have found the truth. “You shall know the truth , and the truth shall set you free,” from pain and suffering, fear and emotional trauma, and the lies which keep you trapped in a life as a victim. Choose life, choose health, and choose freedom.

 Did God Make Mistakes?

English CoverIf you have ever read the Bible then you have questions. One of the biggest questions that too many persons seem to ignore has to do with whether God makes mistakes or not. Most believers will immediately complain that God is incapable of making mistakes. What is the truth?

Believers know that the reason God seems to say He flooded the world is that He was “sorry that He made man.” Does this mean He got creating men wrong. He said He was “sorry,” so what did God do that made Him “sorry?”

We know God created Lucifer, who later became Satan. The Bible says that Lucifer was made perfect. Did God mess up and do something wrong that led to Lucifer, who was “perfect” choosing to sin? And, where did sin come from? Couldn’t God control His creation and avoid sin from coming into existence?

Join me as I set forth on an exploration of the Scriptures, which give us all the answers.


Front cover- 2014Even before I came to know Christ as my Savior, I have always been an inquisitive person. “Why,” has been a constant frame of mind for me. It has never been enough just to know or believe something. I have a deep rooted need to know why. I am thankful God has saved me from “sin’ and death. But I want to know why. I know that He loves me, but I want to know why. I believe He created the universe and everything that exists, but I want to know why. For many years I have just accepted that God had done this or that, and that He did it because He loved me.
Great news! But, I wanted to know WHY!
Sin exists, and I want to know why. Evil and demons exist, and I want to know why. Adam allowed “sin and death” into the world, and I want to know why. Satan seems to be powerful, and I want to know why. I know God is the most powerful being in existence, but He doesn’t stop bad things from happening, and I want to know why. God did not stop “sin” and death from coming into being, and I want to know why. Religious answers are nice and all of that, but too often they lack real and practical answers that come from a real application of God’s principles. Often people gives answers to questions that sound right, but often the Bible contradicts their perspectives. Either the Bible is correct, or these religious teachers and preachers are. Too many times we don’t get the right answers because we really don’t want them. More often people want to hear what already lines up with their preconceived beliefs.
I don’t care what I believe, it is what is true that is important. I want my beliefs to always line up with the truth of the Word of God, even when I don’t like what it is saying. Actually, especially then. I may not always know the truth, but I want to know why! I want to know Why!

El Proceso De Sanar

Spanish CoverA las personas se les enseña acerca del perdón de maneras muy diferentes. Sin embargo, muchas veces estas enseñanzas son en realidad, opiniones personales que involucran emociones con agendas egoístas. Por lo general estas personas no cambiarán sus opiniones, aunque las evidencias les muestren que sus enseñanzas no tienen éxito.
Mi objetivo aquí, es proporcionar a la persona que sufre, una explicación clara de por qué hacemos lo que hacemos y sentimos lo que sentimos después de haber sido heridos o lastimados por alguien más y especialmente lo que se puede hacer al respecto. La Biblia es una fuente excelente sobre el tema de sanidad. No sólo que Dios (o Jesús) pueda sanar, sino también cómo el Cristiano regular puede comenzar a funcionar en el poder de Dios, para superar esta enfermedad paralizante de un trauma emocional perpetuo y ser sanado.

What is SIN Really?

CoverWhat is “sin?” Where did it come from? Why does it exist? Why would God allow it to exist at all? If God created everything that exists, did God create “sin?” How does “sin” impact the daily life of the believer?

If I look at a woman or man, am I “sinning?” If I lie, am I “sinning?” What if I’m trying to do the right things, but I just don’t get them just right, am I “sinning? Are there sins that don’t deserve death or hell? What if I just make a mistake, did I sin? Do I have to ask for forgiveness every time I think I sinned?

If God cannot sin because He is perfect, then why did Lucifer, who was created by God perfect, sin? Can someone or something that is perfect sin? Since there is no flaw in God, because He is perfect, then why do we, who were made in His image, sin? Is there something wrong with being made in His image?

If sin is something that we do, then why does the Bible seem to say that “Sin” crouches, desires, wants to control people, has a body, reigns, has servants, uses people’s bodies as instruments to do wrong, takes advantage, arouses covetous desires in people, revives, kills, has its own law, lives in people, and that it also ‘sins.’”

Have you ever wondered about any of these questions? Well, join me in a well-researched journey through the Bible with the goal in mind to find these answers. I think you will enjoy the experience as much as I have.

Expressions of the Spirit

CoverThese poems represent much of the emotional struggle I experienced in my early walk with the Lord. I was challenged often to strengthen my commitment and faith. As I reach new pinnacles of growth, I would write about those experiences in my poetry. These poems served also as an outlet of my inner expression about this relationship I have with the Creator of the universe. I also included a couple that I wrote recently, as I thought they would fit in well.


Counseling at the Grassroots Level

Counseling at the Grassroots Level - Book Front CoverAre you considering a counseling ministry? Do you have a calling on your life from God to minister to others via counseling? Have you started counseling, but are struggling with the correct steps to continue? Do you know the laws that might affect you and your clients? Are you using the right forms? Have you had enough training? This book will answer those questions and many more. It is more a counseling manual, than just some “how to” counseling book. It is the product of 27 years of counseling experience and listening to God.